Pastor Jerry Keller

Rev. Jerry Keller is the President of Evangel Voice Missions. He is a pastor and evangelist from central Indiana, where he shepherds Plainfield Christ Fellowship. He has been in active ministry for over 30 years, both pastoring his home congregation and travelling internationally to declare the gospel of the Kingdom of God. He longs for believers to walk in complete trust and obedience to Jesus. He is jealous for the will of God, both in his own life and assignment, and in the world. Pastor Keller actively strives to follow closely to Jesus wherever He may lead, and yearns for those that he comes in contact with to do the same. 

Pastor Kim Gilbert

Pastor Kim has a BS in Business Admin from Ball State and retired as an electrician for General Motors in 2006, after 34 years of service. He is currently pastor of Parker City Christ Fellowship in Parker City, Indiana. He has also ministered in prisons and Youth Detention Centers for 30 years. 

Kim and Janice have two sons, Quinn and Toby; two grandchildren, Caitlin and Jordan, and a great granddaughter, Sophia.


Pastor Joe Nance

Rev. Joe Nance has spent his professional and ministry years driving projects to further God’s Kingdom. He received his B.A. from Asbury College and his Masters of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. He has pastored three congregations, helped to construct several churches in Tennessee and South Carolina, and has traveled to seven countries to personally distribute thousands of copies of A Voice in the Wilderness in multiple languages. He has a passion for seeing God’s people transformed through the message contained in the book.

Pastor James Wright

Dr. James Wright is a powerful man of God. He founded and helped lead Maranatha Fellowship, one of West Virginia’s largest and most dynamic congregations, where he served for 35 years. Pastor Wright travels in evangelism through Wright Way Ministries. The Lord is using him to preach, encourage, revitalize, and see souls saved through Jesus Christ. He also is leading the Revival Worship Center to raise up young ministers, and is administering the “School of the Prophets” to train those wanting to serve in God’s Kingdom.