Why Give to Evangel Voice Missions ?

Today, there are many worthy causes seeking our donations.  It is difficult to know where to send our money, and what the impact will be upon lives for God and for eternity. One place to start is to ask, “Does this charity or ministry have a divine origin?"


Evangel Voice Missions does.  It began in 1895, when five year old Eldon Helm was at the edge of death.   A paralysis had overtaken his body after falling from a horse. Then, God spoke to Eldon’s Aunt Zelpe, “If you go and pray for Eldon’s healing, he will live.”  She began a vigil of intercessory prayer beside his bed, and after many days he began to recover.  At that time, Aunt Zelpe spoke a prophecy, declaring, “This young man is going to be a man of God; and his faith, or that of his seed, will circle the globe.”

That young boy grew up to be the father of Loran William Helm.   God’s message to Rev. Loran W. Helm was the necessity of walking with God in daily childlike obedience.   Loran found that daily obedience to God’s will brought the power, love and joy of the Kingdom of God on earth, as it is in Heaven.

The story of learning to walk with God is the simple message of A Voice in the Wilderness.  God wants to walk with each of His children to impact the world through the love of God in us.  This divine love is only experienced through a daily obedience to His will.  It is a message of the love call of God to each life to “Come, walk with Me.”

Jesus said, “I came that you might have life in all its abundance.”  The world is starving for this “new and living way” of actually being a part of God’s plan for the world…to actually walk with God.

Your donations to Evangel Voice Missions will be used to take this message to the world.  As funds are available, we will be able to add to the English, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, German and Russian editions.  We anticipate printing a new Portuguese edition when funds become available.  Portuguese is spoken in twelve countries and territories encompassing 260 million people, mostly in South America and Africa.

We invite and welcome you to join us in fulfilling Aunt Zelpe’s vision of faith that “will circle the globe.”   


Kim Gilbert
Board Member, Evangel Voice Missions