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Rev. Loran William Helm (1916-2006) answered God’s call on his life at a young age. He tried to consistently obey the Holy Spirit from that time forward in his life. Early in his ministry he received a powerful baptism of love and power, which impacted all he came in contact with. Through his obedient walk many found Jesus, many stepped into their right assignment, and many began to learn how to deny self and try to follow Jesus as he did. Rev. Helm had a vision to love the people of Israel and led over 28 pilgrimages to the Holy Land. He also led trips to Europe and Africa. Through meetings known as a "Waiting On God" people gathered from all over the country, and the Holy Spirit often flowed in sweetness, power and specific guidance. Rev. Helm lived for Holy Ghost Revival and we at Evangel Voice Missions are still pursuing this vision.