Many More to Go

Evangel Voice Missions' greatest desire is to take this message to the Nations. In addition to the 70,000 English copies, A Voice in the Wilderness has been printed in Spanish, Russian, Hindi, German, and Korean. A Portuguese translation was recently completed and a Mandarin edition is underway. Relationships have been built around a Kingdom connection this message brings. Below you will find an overview of where connections that have been made and check back soon to hear about upcoming international projects EVM is working toward. 

International facts:


More copies of A Voice in the Wilderness have been printed in Russian than any other language outside of the original English.


20,000 copies of A Voice in the Wilderness have been distributed from one end of Mexico to the other. The Holy Spirit helped in numerous ways to get this book to the right place at the right time.

Costa Rica

Life-long relationships are being established in this country. The book has been given to key leadership in the cities of Quepos and San Jose.


Over 2,000 house pastors in Cuba have been given copies of the book. The book has been used in various conferences to train Cuban pastors. There is a need and desire for more books to be printed in Cuba.


A Voice in the Wilderness was used as a teaching tool in multiple conferences for pastors in Haiti. Hundreds of pastors were given copies for themselves and members of their congregations.


India is perhaps the most open door for book distribution by EVM at the moment. Thousands of books have already been printed and distributed, and tens of thousands are needed at this very moment.

South Korea

South Korea is unique in that there are currently two missionaries in residence inside the country who have been a part of Rev. Helm’s ministry for decades. These missionaries are excited and willing to help us distribute the book in this country.


Germany has been one of the most difficult countries to distribute the book in. We have A Voice in the Wilderness translated and printed in German and are praying for fresh and current ways to have the books distributed.


On the day of Rev. Helm's passing into Glory, A Voice in the Wilderness was being distributed to key Christian leaders in the city of Nassau. 


Other Initiatives:

A Voice in the Wilderness has been taken into Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico by people connected with Evangel Voice Missions. We would love to know if you or someone you know have taken them into other countries not mentioned on this page.


Future Initiatives:

We at Evangel Voice Missions are proud to announce the Portuguese Initiative. A Voice in the Wilderness has been translated into Portuguese and is currently in the final editing stage. We feel God is leading us into Brazil and Mozambique to distribute copies in the most recent translation of the book. EVM is partnering with a pastor in Indianapolis with a passion to send the book into Honduras. Honduras is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to travel to due to critically high violence and crime rates. We at EVM are working with this pastor to have the books shipped to contacts in the country that could effectively distribute A Voice in the Wilderness.

New doors are being opened for us travel to Uruguay. Uruguay is a Spanish-speaking nation, and we are trusting to get some of the current Spanish translations of the book in our inventory shipped and distributed there.